Do you have difficulty communicating or feel like your needs aren’t getting met in your relationships?

Are you a high-achieving professional who is one year or more out of a toxic relationship and in need of a new way forward, removing what no longer serves you, and healing yourself beyond traditional therapy?

Or are you in a generally successful partnership but interested in enhancing your communication skills?

Maybe you tend to love others more than you love yourself. Because of this, it’s likely that you don’t know how to express your needs and struggle with self-compassion. It’s possible that relationship issues from your past—whether familial, romantic, or platonic—have caused you to question your self-worth or ability to feel truly loved, seen, and heard.

If you’re single or divorced, you may have developed limiting beliefs around the potential of attracting a healthy, loving partnership with someone who shares your values. Perhaps you fear vulnerability and, as a result, inadvertently distance yourself from meaningful and authentic connections with others.

You may have noticed repeating issues and codependent behaviors resurfacing from relationships past, including self-sabotaging patterns of pushing away healthy, high-value partners. Often confusing emotional pain and drama with love, you may not realize that you’re actually capable of finding a healthy, supportive relationship.


Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you may be avoiding the deeper work of self-discovery, self-acceptance, or self-compassion. Instead, you distract yourself with other things like work, so you don’t have to face the doubt or loneliness that impacts you daily.

Because of this avoidance, you might have noticed a variety of symptoms creeping into your life, signaling inner turmoil and disconnect. Perhaps you have lost interest in your physical appearance, the activities you once enjoyed, or feel out of touch with your sensuality. Or maybe you have a hard time saying no. As a result, you’re likely bothered by anxiety and emotional dysregulation. And you may struggle with feelings of immense sadness or guilt, causing you to close yourself off from others.

No longer interested in blaming your toxic ex, however, you’re ready to take accountability for your behaviors and make changes in your life. Meaningful experiences and healthy relationships are within your reach—and in vocal and personal coaching for growth after a toxic relationship, you can learn to achieve lasting relationship success and self-empowerment in your relationships and in your life.


Relationship drama happens to the best of us—toxic people have and will always exist. Regardless of our background, achievements, or intelligence, we can end up crossing paths with toxic individuals and dysfunction without fully understanding how we arrived there.


On some level, we may know there is an instance of hurt from early on—or even from generations before us—that caused us to make certain decisions when it comes to connecting with others. Lacking healthy relationships or proper behavior modeling in our childhood, we missed out on learning lifelong skills for using our voice and asserting our needs. Therefore, we feel unsure of what to say or how to speak our mind. We end up detached from our feelings, overly self-conscious, or inappropriately explosive, without the ability to express ourselves from a centered place of love and authenticity.


At some point in our lives, subconscious limiting beliefs form that cause us to settle for less than what we deserve. But changing these patterns is hard! Instead of tending our core wounds and resolving unhealthy patterns, we begin to see safety in remaining invisible in our relationships and develop an unconscious investment in the struggle, chaos, and pain created by toxic partners.


Yet, it’s possible to learn the necessary physical and emotional skills needed to heal. Coaching amplifies and accelerates your growth and gives you both the space and opportunity to break the cycle of harm that often continues even long after a toxic relationship.

Coaching After a Toxic Relationship Encourages and Accelerates

Your Growth and Empowerment

Having struggled with toxic partners and relationship issues, you may not be used to a judgment-free, empowering space where you can collaborate with a mentor who has shared similar challenges and experiences.

Coaching is a supportive, co-creative personal development journey to learn how to voice your concerns, redirect your mental energy, focus on your strengths, and create achievable outcomes from a place of resilience, ownership, and commitment rather than from a place of victimhood. By understanding the value of taking risks, you can live outside your comfort zone and escape the patterns holding you back.

Instead of continuing to talk about relationship problems, together we will move beyond what hasn’t worked and focus on strategies and solutions. With these insights, you’ll be able to confidently and effectively express yourself.


How The True Self Love™ Inner-Commitment System Promotes

Growth and Healing After a Toxic Relationship

My approach to personal coaching draws from my background in professional singing, vocal coaching, and my work as an alternative health practitioner, which has allowed me to create a cutting-edge system specifically designed to encourage growth in women after toxic relationships. The True Self Love Inner-Commitment system uses a combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), TIME Techniques™, hypnotherapy, vocal coaching, and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to facilitate deep, transformational change.

While traditional counseling excavates past hurts, coaching allows you to identify and harness your innate strengths as you begin the process of overcoming negative emotions, inner conflicts, and limiting beliefs. The physical, mental, and emotional exercises we explore in coaching will help you engage your imagination, unleash your masculine/feminine powers, live with pleasure, and develop the confidence necessary to attract healthy love.

When you combine the support and guidance from a skilled and empathic coach with your open, curious, and self-compassionate participation in your own rescue, the possibilities of what you can achieve are endless. Though relationship pain and conflicts are inevitable in life, it’s possible to overcome, understand, and handle current and future relationships differently so you can change past patterns once and for all.

With coaching for growth after a toxic relationship, you can design your future as the sovereign star of your own life!

Maybe You’re Ready To Work with a Vocal And Personal Coach,

But You Still Have Questions…

I am concerned about the financial investment of coaching. 

I can imagine that it’s been hard for you to invest in yourself and that this kind of resistance is another pattern in your life that has not gone away with time. I encourage you to think of coaching as an investment in yourself, which is a commitment to yourself, and no one else. Coaching can help you commit to your personal growth so that you no longer have to suffer the pain and confusion that’s followed after a toxic relationship.

I’m already out of my toxic relationship, and I’ve already tried therapy — I don’t know if coaching for growth is what I need.

You’re not here by accident. You’re probably considering coaching because you’re still in pain following a toxic relationship, therapy hasn’t provided you with the solutions you’re seeking, and you want to move on with your life. So, I’m here to ask what is more important than deciding to commit to yourself? When will you own up to the fact that it’s now or never to truly step forward and commit to creating meaningful change?

I’m not here to convince you; I’m here to find out if you’re ready to fix this now. If you think it’s time to live your dream rather than your fear, then coaching for growth after a toxic relationship is the next step on your journey.

My partner/spouse is concerned about my desire for coaching. 

If your partner has concerns about coaching, I invite them to join us during your free Discovery Call which will help me determine how I can best serve you and which coaching program best suits your needs. With any decision-makers present on the call, you can come together to make sure you have the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family.

If your partner continues to push back, I encourage you to ask yourself why. Coaching can help you escape the daily struggles of being stuck in the problem and instead become active in the solutions. Everyone—including your partner—will benefit from that!

You Can Use Your Voice to Create Meaningful Change

If you’re stuck in unhealthy patterns, vocal and personal coaching for growth after a toxic relationship can help you heal, harness your potential, and recreate your inner world to confidently approach the future.

For more information about how I can help, please schedule your free Discovery Call so that we can start your journey of you becoming the star of your own life!