Is A Fear Of Public Speaking Creating Obstacles In Your Personal And Professional Life?

Are you a successful, high-powered professional who struggles with self-doubt, imposter syndrome, a lack of self-confidence, or fear of failure?

Is a fear of public speaking or being judged by your peers keeping you from fulfilling your potential?

Do you worry that you’re not receiving the results, respect, or recognition you know you deserve?

It could be that you lack the self-trust to deliver. Despite being conscious of your strengths and accomplishments, you may procrastinate or distract yourself with people and things that ultimately don’t matter or serve you. You may be afraid of the success that comes from actively working toward your full potential—not fully aware that you’ve been accepting the status quo.

Instead, you likely struggle with intense anxiety and self-consciousness—second-guessing yourself, ruminating over minor details. Perhaps you often hide in your business and compare yourself to others, convinced that your public performance isn’t up to par. As a result, you may avoid giving presentations, shy away from opportunities that involve being on display, or decline taking assignments that require public speaking.

When put in a situation where you’re expected to present in front of an audience, you likely freeze or want to flee. Feeling tense, shaky, and overwhelmed, anxiety or panic sets in. It’s possible that you experience physical symptoms like nausea, sweaty palms, dry-mouth, shallow breathing, and an increased heart rate.

You’ve Tried Other Means Of Conquering Public Speaking Anxiety,

But Nothing Works

Faced with this debilitating anxiety, you may have sought help for public speaking in the past.

Perhaps therapy helped you initially but continuing to talk about your performance anxiety has not led you anywhere truly rewarding once all the lights are on you. Medication may have provided some immediate relief, but you notice it dulls your performance and you’d rather stop taking pills. It’s possible that generalized speaker trainings gave you footing to present with some structure, but these didn’t address your deeper concerns swirling beneath the surface.

Having tried these strategies with little to no results, you may be ready to give up on the idea that you can overcome your fears and self-doubt.

Yet it is possible to present publicly with consistency—and actually enjoy yourself while doing it! With coaching for public speaking anxiety, you can harness your strengths and develop the confidence needed to show yourself and those around you that you’re capable, strong, and worthy of being heard.

Performance Anxiety Is A Common Challenge—Especially Among Professionals

Though a fear of public speaking may seem like a relatively inconsequential worry in the grand scheme of things, the truth is that this phobia is largely viewed as being worse than the fear of death. Not to mention, all of us have experienced some form of performance anxiety in our lives, regardless of our skill level, expertise, or professional status.


Constantly battling with fears of being judged, we worry that if we make a mistake—especially when it comes to our career—it will cost us our reputation. We don’t want to be caught underprepared, yet we may also feel pressure to avoid appearing egotistical, aggressive, or over-confident.


Unfortunately, familial and societal factors add to this problem. Many of us were raised in homes wherein our families either inadvertently or intentionally shamed or invalidated us. Similarly, the preoccupation in our modern culture with equating achievement to self-worth often leads us to ignore our own basic human needs.


A Lack Of Healthy Attunement In Our Relationships Can Lead To Self-Doubt

We often lack the psychological skills to manage anxiety, eliminate fear, develop self-confidence, and give ourselves permission to win. Yet, we also don’t want to appear weak or vulnerable in seeking help and guidance.


Instead, we look to quick fixes rather than genuine and permanent transformation. In fact, we may even hang onto our anxieties because we don’t know who we are without them.


The truth is, we all need safety and the validation of being seen, heard, and recognized. When these needs aren’t met—whether it’s within our familial, work, platonic, or intimate relationships—we’re more likely to develop anxiety, a lack of self-confidence, and a fear of being judged by others.

Such concerns fall under the umbrella of the fear of being rejected—and public speaking is one of the main human experiences that subjects us to potential rejection.


To achieve what is possible, a fear of the unknown must be confronted. And even though it can be scary to open yourself up to a new identity and way of thinking about your strengths, a coach can help you in overcoming performance anxiety.

Coaching For Public Speaking And Performance Anxiety Allows You

To Build On Your Strengths And Creativity

Rather than focusing on the problem or digging into painful elements of your past, our work together in coaching will allow you to live more in the present and transform your future. Within coaching for public speaking anxiety, you can expect to quickly develop a collaborative and co-creative relationship with me that will help you shift beyond limiting beliefs and toward an empowered existence free of heavy self-judgment.

I offer a variety of options for coaching, though the group workshop is particularly effective for overcoming public speaking and performance anxiety. I invite you to learn more about how my coaching services can help by watching my MasterClass and selecting the coaching program that best suits your needs. I also provide a complimentary Discovery Session, which is a consultation to help me learn more about your current situation, to determine how I can best serve you, and to discuss where you want to go in your performance and public speaking transformation.

After we have discussed your current problem, and upon my decision to invite you into one of my coaching packages, we will work together in sessions to draw from your strengths, clarify actionable steps for solving problems, and create achievable outcomes.

You will take risks as a presenter and live outside your comfort zone while being supported every step of the way. By working to understand the core of your anxiety, we will collaborate on meaningful solutions that will free you from your fears. Ultimately, you will gain the skills to continue your journey with success long after our collaboration.

The True Self Love™ Inner-Commitment System

My approach to coaching for public speaking anxiety is comprehensive and unlike any other experience you have previously encountered. Combining my experience as a professional opera singer, vocal coach, and alternative healing arts practitioner, I have integrated cutting-edge methods, tools, and techniques. Such techniques include Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), clinical hypnotherapy, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) into my innovative Inner-Commitment System.

This system I created not only redirects your mindset and stabilizes your emotional regulation for presenting publicly, but it also enables you to unleash, physically strengthen, and optimize your voice while activating your innate creative impulses.

Through engaging your imagination, adopting new models of communication and behavior, and facilitating deep change at the unconscious level, you will gain all of the strategies needed to conquer your fear of public speaking. You’ll finally be able to slow down and actualize your potential, shining brightly in the spotlight of your life.

When you combine the high-touch support of a skilled and empathetic coach with your committed participation in your own rescue, the possibilities of what you can achieve are endless. Though fear and self-doubt are inevitable aspects of being human, you can overcome your anxiety. With the right help, lasting change is easy to create.

Maybe You’re Ready To Try Out Coaching For Public Speaking Or Performance Anxiety, But You Still Have Questions…

I don’t have the time or money to invest in coaching. 

I encourage you to think about all the money you’ve spent on things that don’t produce real results or that don’t really mean anything to you, and the time you’ve spent avoiding self-care, deep inner work, and pleasurable/creative outlets, such as singing and vocal study. An investment in coaching is an investment in you—a gift to your future self.

By committing the time and investing in what it takes to live fearlessly, coaching for public speaking anxiety will allow you to show up as the authentic, powerful you—spreading your message confidently while living deeply in your purpose and passion.

It’s time to stop watching other women live your dream—and start living your own!

I’m just not sure coaching will help me in overcoming performance anxiety. 

There’s a reason you’re here—it’s no accident. You’re probably in pain and frustrated that you haven’t found solutions, but coaching gives you an opportunity to embrace your dreams rather than your fears.

So, what’s stopping you from making a decision? There’s nothing more important than living to your full potential. Aren’t you ready for lasting, meaningful change, growth as a leader, and real fulfillment through embodying your true, Sovereign Self?

My spouse/partner has reservations about my involvement in coaching. 

If this is what you’re looking for, then it’s important to feel comfortable and empowered in making this decision to invest in yourself.

If your spouse/partner is concerned, then I invite them to join you on our Discovery Session so they can understand the gravity of this problem and what you will experience if you don’t take necessary action to solve it. That way, you can feel comfortable that both of you have the information you need to make the best decision for your family, your career, and yourself.

Learn To Live Your Dream More Than Your Fear

If you struggle with imposter syndrome, self-doubt, or performance and public speaking anxiety, coaching can help you create achievable goals and solutions.

I invite you to watch my MasterClass and then schedule your free Discovery Call to learn more about how I can help you overcome your fear and bring you, your speaking, and your presentations to a whole new level. There has never been a better time such as this to step into the power of your presence!